Automated code fixes

Fixmie analyzes and automatically fixes your source code by providing smart and useful suggestions. Request free access for your Open Source projects on GitHub.

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Doc Comments

Rewrites existing comments if the first word doesn't match exported identifier. It also automatically adds comments to your exported identifiers.

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Checks for error strings and makes sure it's in line with your language's style guide. Also simplifies usages of errors.New() and t.Error()

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Moves the position of an `error` value return if it isn't the last parameter of a function declaration. It also updates all returns statements in the function declaration.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What languages does it support?

Currently, we only support the Go programming language. More languages and features will be added gradually after the initial beta stage.

How much does it cost?

It's free for Open Source projects ❤️ However, to keep Fixmie running we need to transform into a healthy business. Therefore, after the beta stage we're planning to introduce paid plans (i.e: private repositories). This is needed so we can keep Fixmie running, pay the ongoing maintenance costs and support Open Source projects.

Who created Fixmie?

Fixmie was created by Fatih Arslan. For more info please check the authors website:

Try it out yourself!

More languages and features are coming soon. Request free access for your Open Source projects on GitHub.